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We have been sending emails since 1999

We are the pioneers in developing SaaS mode email marketing technology in Spain. Two differentiating factors have taken us where we are now: deliverability and service. It will take you only a few minutes to communicate with your clients. It’s very easy!

Landing amp Landing amp

The best tool to generate AMP landings automatically

Reduce your CAC by increasing your Conversion Rate. Improve your Adrank in Google Adwords and Shopping. Optimize your Marketing budget!

Reay for your first successful campaign?

Any doubts? Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with all the help you need!

Global Services

We have a wide range of professionals to cover all the operations and strategies required by your business

Creativity, design and layout

We create and design your emailings, AMP landing pages and registration forms.

Campaign execution

We take care of your full delivery management process, whatever your email tool.

Ad hoc developments on demand

Mittum is email marketing software adjustable to the needs of each client.

Analytics and optimization

Constant metrics optimization with a view to improving performance.


The best delivery practices. Digital relational plan.

Fully dedicated local team

We offer local services in the areas of design, programming, execution… both in Spain and Mexico.


Some data about eMail Marketing

Mittum shows you the most relevant eMail Marketing data, compiled for over one year.


Why should you implement AMP?

More and more people use their cell phones to surf the internet. Thousands of users check their email, have a look at the news or look for information from their phone.


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¿Qué empresa trata sus datos? MITTUM Marketing Relacional S.L.
¿Por qué tratamos los datos que le pedimos? Tratamos sus datos para poder prestarle nuestros servicios y enviarle información sobre nuestros productos y servicios.
¿Cuál es la legitimación para este tratamiento de sus datos? Estos datos son necesarios para llevar a cabo la prestación de los servicios que haya solicitado a través del Sitio Web.
¿Se van a hacer cesiones o transferencias con sus datos? No, sus datos no serán objeto de cesiones a terceras empresas.
¿Se utilizarán sus datos para hacer perfilados o segmentaciones? MITTUM Marketing Relacional S.L. podrá utilizar técnicas de profiling para poder ofrecerle publicidad acorde con sus intereses.
¿Tiene dudas? Tanto si tiene alguna, o sugerencia, como si quiere darse de baja póngase en contacto con nosotros enviando un email a la siguiente dirección: hola@mvtechs.net
What company processes your data? MITTUM Marketing Relacional S.L.
Why do we process the data we request from you? We process your data in order to provide our services to you and send you information on our products and services.
On what grounds are we entitled to process your data? These data are necessary for us to provide the services requested through our Website.
Will your data be assigned or transferred? No, your data will not be assigned to third-party companies.
Are your data used for profiling or segmentation purposes? MITTUM Marketing Relacional S.L. may use profiling techniques with the purpose of offering you advertising adjusted to your interests.
Do you have any doubts? If you have any doubts or suggestions or you wish to unsubscribe, please contact us on: hola@mvtechs.net