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Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files which make it possible to recognise the user’s browser, as well as the type of device used to access the website, and they are used to facilitate the future visits made by the user and to make the website more useful.

The information gathered by the cookies and other registration methods is anonymous, therefore the data that determines the personal identity of the user will not be gathered.

Which types of Cookies do we use?

This Web Site, owned by Mittum Relational Marketing Ltd. (hereinafter, “THE COMPANY”) uses cookies, pixels or other data storage and recovery mechanisms to track users’ interactions with the Web Site and improve the users’ experience.

The types of cookies used by the Web Site are as follows:

How to disable Cookies
Most Web browsers allow to manage cookie preferences, in order to have a more precise control over privacy.

The following links show the instructions on how to disable the cookie settings for each browser:

Internet Explorer (http://goo.gl/Dj4NF2)
On the Tools menu, select “Internet Options”.
Click the Privacy tab.
You will be able to configure the privacy with a cursor of six positions that allows you to control the number of cookies that will be installed: Block all cookies, High, Mig-High, Medium (default level), Low, and Accept all cookies.

Mozilla Firefox (http://goo.gl/9qEDz0)
In the upper part of the Firefox window, click the Tools menu.
Select Options.
Select the Privacy panel.
On the option “Firefox will” set to Use custom settings for history, to configurated the options.

Google Chrome (http://goo.gl/CEs1hf)
Click the menu located on the toolbar.
Select Configuration.
Click Show advanced options.
In the ‘Privacy’ section, click on the Content settings button.
In the ‘Cookies’ section, the options can be configurated.

Safari (https://goo.gl/l3C60R / https://goo.gl/iGM8jp)
In the settings menu, select the ‘preferences’ option.
Open the privacy tab.
Select the option you prefer from the ‘block cookies’ section.
Please remember that certain functions and the full functionality of the Site may not be available after disabling the cookies.
If you do not want to be tracked by cookies, Google has developed an add-on to install in your browser, which can be accessed through the following link: http://goo.gl/WvjAsu

Based on the option you choose regarding the use of cookies in the Web Site, you will be sent an additional cookie to safeguard your choice and this way you do not have to accept the use of cookies each time you access the Web Site owned by THE COMPANY.

Please note that if you choose to block the cookies this may affect the Web Site functionality.

Cookies on mobile devices
This Web Site also uses cookies or other storage mechanisms on mobile devices. In this case, as with PC browsers, mobile devices’ browsers allow to configure the privacy options or settings to disable or delete cookies.

If you want to change the privacy options, follow the instructions of your browser developer for your mobile device.

Furthermore, below you can find some examples of the links that will guide you through the modifications of the privacy options in your mobile device:

IOS: (http://goo.gl/gUkHQ9)
Windows Phone: (http://goo.gl/rIosV1)
Chrome Mobile: (http://goo.gl/nASc0Z)
Opera Mobile: (http://goo.gl/Nzr8s7)
Acceptance of Cookies
If you proceed with the browsing, we understand that you accept the use of cookies by the web site.

We inform you that in the event of blocking or not accepting the installation of cookies, it is possible that certain services may not be available without its use, or that you cannot access to certain services nor make full use of the elements this Web Site has to provide.

For further information, please refer to the guide on the use of cookies (in Spanish) by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

¿Qué empresa trata sus datos? MITTUM Marketing Relacional S.L.
¿Por qué tratamos los datos que le pedimos? Tratamos sus datos para poder prestarle nuestros servicios y enviarle información sobre nuestros productos y servicios.
¿Cuál es la legitimación para este tratamiento de sus datos? Estos datos son necesarios para llevar a cabo la prestación de los servicios que haya solicitado a través del Sitio Web.
¿Se van a hacer cesiones o transferencias con sus datos? No, sus datos no serán objeto de cesiones a terceras empresas.
¿Se utilizarán sus datos para hacer perfilados o segmentaciones? MITTUM Marketing Relacional S.L. podrá utilizar técnicas de profiling para poder ofrecerle publicidad acorde con sus intereses.
¿Tiene dudas? Tanto si tiene alguna, o sugerencia, como si quiere darse de baja póngase en contacto con nosotros enviando un email a la siguiente dirección: hola@mvtechs.net
What company processes your data? MITTUM Marketing Relacional S.L.
Why do we process the data we request from you? We process your data in order to provide our services to you and send you information on our products and services.
On what grounds are we entitled to process your data? These data are necessary for us to provide the services requested through our Website.
Will your data be assigned or transferred? No, your data will not be assigned to third-party companies.
Are your data used for profiling or segmentation purposes? MITTUM Marketing Relacional S.L. may use profiling techniques with the purpose of offering you advertising adjusted to your interests.
Do you have any doubts? If you have any doubts or suggestions or you wish to unsubscribe, please contact us on: hola@mvtechs.net